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Copper and Green

Slug Ring - 9cm

Slug Ring - 9cm

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Copper slug rings can be slipped over, or clipped around, plants which you wish to protect from slugs and snails.  Copper is said to give slugs a mild 'zing' on their tummy which causes discomfort and encourages them to change direction. 

These rings are 9cm (3.5") in diameter and 5cm (2") tall, handmade in the UK and will last a lifetime.

Shipping to the UK £2.

  • Effective Plant Protection: Prevent damaged leaves and plants with copper slug rings. Designed to repel both slugs and snails without harming them. Simply place the rings around specific plants or garden areas to create a protective barrier.
  • Safe for Families and Pets: Copper slug rings provide a humane alternative to harmful pellets and beer traps. The rings react with the slime produced by slugs and snails, giving them a mild electric shock and sending them away safely.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Hand made in the UK from solid copper, these rings are built to last season after season. Left untreated, they will develop a natural patina, while remaining just as effective as when new.
  • Easy to Use: If required the rings can be easily opened and placed around plant stems. For larger plants, simply unbend and link multiple rings together to form a bigger barrier. Copper rings should be pressed into the soil approx 1cm to prevent slugs crawling under the ring. Copper slug rings can be left in place all year round.

Delivery - Plant pot and planter shipping is free of charge to UK mainland. Slug ring shipping cost is £2. Items are normally shipped within 4 working days. Bespoke items may take longer. Delivery details and tracking will be provided after purchase. Please contact with any questions.

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