Copper and Green is a small business based in rural Berkshire in the United Kingdom. 

Product is made, sold and shipped by Copper and Green. Products are produced by hand using traditional tools in a small workshop.

Due to the hand made nature of the product, each pot is unique in the way it is constructed, spun and soldered.

Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found here.


Where are these pots and planters made?

All copper plant pots and planters are hand made in Berkshire, in the UK.

What is your returns policy?

All products can be returned in their original condition and packaging. Please see the returns page on the menu below.

What will the product look like as it ages?

This is largely up to you. You can keep the copper in the original shiny condition or let it build a patina, as you desire. The copper will naturally darken over time in a regular home atmosphere or you can encourage verdigris with household products like salt and vinegar.

How long will my pot last?

Your pot will last a lifetime. Copper will age gracefully and remain strong for years to come. If you drop the plant pot, it will not not crack or break.

Can you create custom or bespoke pieces?

Yes, please get in contact via the contact form on the website or email info@copperandgreen.com. Customer pot designs and dimensions can be accommodated.

Do you sell wholesale?

No, pots are sold business to consumer. However, if you have an enquiry, please get in contact.

What about heat and frost?

Copper is very good at conducting heat and cold. If you keep your planter outside, you may wish to line it with perlite/vermiculite/gravel or another type of insulation. For 90% of the year, this will not be required but in times of extreme heat, or frost, you may want to insulate.

Will copper affect my plants?

Copper can be beneficial to many plants. Some plants however are not so keen if high levels of copper have built up over time. These high levels typically come from decades of exposure where copper has leached into soil. This will not happen with a copper house or garden plant container.