Copper and Green Copper Plant Labels in Hand

Hand Made Copper Plant Labels

New to the Copper and Green family of hand made copper garden products, we are pleased to launch solid copper plant labels. Each label is made from recycled copper and is designed to last a lifetime.

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  • Copper Plant Pot on Table Top

    Hand Made

    Each copper plant container is hand made in the UK using a variety of techniques, including metal spinning, where a flat sheet of pure copper is spun into a three dimensional form over a wooden mould called a 'chuck'.

  • Copper and Green Plant Pot on Floor

    Lifetime Product

    These pots and planters are designed to last a lifetime (and beyond).

    Unlike terracotta or porcelain pots, copper will not fracture, suffer from frost or break when dropped.

  • Copper and Green Plant Pot with Spider Plant


    Made of solid copper, each pot can be used indoors or outdoors and will age gracefully over time. The shine of container when purchased can be maintained with easy cleaning or a rich natural patina can be allowed to develop.

  • Copper and Green maker's mark

    Leaf Mark

    All pots are hand stamped with the leaf design as a sign of authenticity as being made by Copper and Green. The stamp used is made from hardened steel and applied at the start of the making process whilst the copper is still 'in the flat'.

Bespoke Copper Planters and Pots

If you have a custom requirement for a copper pot or planter, please get in contact using the button below. Options on pot/planter circumference, height, number of holes, bottomless etc. are all available.

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