Copper and green Copper Planter and Wool Pots

Wool Pots and Copper Planters - A Perfect Combination of Materials

Within contemporary garden design, the concept of modular planting has emerged as a popular tool in the horticultural tool kit. Modular planting is the use of individual plants placed in discrete units which can be separated and combined through the seasons to give a year round effect.  As plants come into season or start to fade, they can be easily swapped in and out of large containers, or planters, to give any desired effect.

Central to this methodology lies the judicious selection of materials. Increasingly noted in high end garden design, copper plant pots and planters look stylish in any home or garden, the metal provides an aesthetic accent to compliment the foliage and flowering of your planting - copper and green look fantastic together.  As well as looking good, copper plant pots are designed to be rugged, durable and to last a lifetime.  

Plants can be planted directly into the copper planters, however if an aspect of modularity is required then internal pots are often used. This modularity is typically achieved with standard plastic pots, either 9cm or larger in size.  These are placed together inside of the planter to accommodate many different plants. 

Plastic, however, is not the optimal solution for this kind of planting, over 500 million plastic plant pots are sent to landfill in the UK every year - because they are not recyclable. Black plastic pots, containing carbon inks, can take up to 450 years to decompose. The true cost of plastic plant pots extends far beyond their retail price, leaving behind a legacy akin to a time bomb for future generations.

The team at, has a solution. Wool Pots offer a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternative to plastic plant pots.  Plants can be contained in wool pots and changed in and out of copper planters to give a modular planting solution which is sustainable - due to the wool, and durable - because of the copper.  No plastic is required.

Further, the wool acts as a water condenser channelling moisture downwards to the plant’s roots.  And being a natural product, it eventually decomposes into a bio rich plant food.  As an added bonus, both wool and copper are natural slug and snail deterrents.

By embracing the combination of wool pots and copper planters, gardeners demonstrate a commitment to both aesthetic and ecological mindfulness.  Whether indoors or in the garden, this symbiotic pairing gives spaces a sense of syle while championing sustainable practices.

Planting with wool pots

Copper and Green and Wool Pots

Modular planting with Wool Pots in a Copper and Green Planter

Copper and Green and Wool Pots

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