Copper Plant Pots Lined with Hortiwool

Copper Plant Pots Lined with Hortiwool


Copper Planters with Hortiwool Lining

Outdoor copper plant pots and copper planters have been in use in the garden for hundreds of years, from use around Georgian Manor houses to modern day show gardens.  This is due to the unique appearance of the metal and also its durability.   Unlike concrete or terracotta pots, copper will not fracture with frost and will last a lifetime.  Aesthetically, copper is also a favourite as it will look more elegant over time as a patina develops.

Despite the ruggedness and visual appeal of real copper in the garden, thermal conductivity should be considered.  Copper not only conducts electricity very well (the top 3 electrical conductors are in fact, silver, copper and gold) but it also conducts the heat from the sun in Summer and cold in Winter.

As such, to protect your planting from the elements, a layer of insulation should be employed.  This can be, for example, an internal plastic pot or gravel. A better and more sustainable alternative is natural wool insulation.

Luckily Hortiwool offers an easy, sustainable and practical solution. Hortiwool manufactures and sells woollen pads and liners for use around the garden. Wool is a 100% natural material which boasts many beneficial properties for the gardener, for example, it will retain moisture to hydrate your planting, it will deter slugs and snails and it will eventually decompose providing nutrients back into the soil.

As such, Hortiwool offers the perfect solution of thermal insulation to protect your plants from the elements whilst allowing you to use copper plant pots and copper planters around the garden all year round with plants that need some protection.

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How to use Copper and Green Pots and Hortiwool:

Hortiwool garden wool pads come in packs of 2

Copper and Green Planter with Hortiwool

Hortiwool pads can be easily to cut to any shape and size with normal scissors

Hortiwool being cut with Scissors in Copper Plant Pot

Hortiwool insulation can be fitted inside the copper planter

Hortiwool inside Copper and Green Copper Planter

Plants can then be planted into the copper planter lined with Hortiwool


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