Copper Bottomless Pots

Copper Bottomless Pots

Copper and Green are pleased to offer bespoke bottomless pots made of pure copper.  

These can be shipped as pre-made rings of copper, or can be soldered on-site around existing pots that have either broken, or where the plant has out-grown its home.  

Bottomless planters, plant rings or bottomless pots are a way to elevate your planting in the garden that offer many advantages.

  • Improved Drainage: Bottomless copper pots allow excess water to drain freely from the soil, preventing waterlogging and root rot. This feature is especially beneficial for plants that are sensitive to overwatering.
  • Enhanced Root Growth: Without a solid bottom, plant roots can extend beyond the confines of the pot and grow directly into the surrounding soil. This promotes healthier root development and allows plants to access a greater volume of nutrients and water.
  • Prevents Root Bound: Bottomless copper planters prevent plants from becoming root-bound, a condition where roots become densely packed and circle around the inside of the container. This encourages healthier root growth and reduces the need for repotting.
  • Natural Soil Integration: Plants in bottomless pots have direct contact with the garden soil beneath them. This allows for natural soil integration and facilitates nutrient exchange between the potting mix and the surrounding soil, promoting overall plant health.
  • Reduced Watering Frequency: Improved drainage and enhanced root growth mean that plants in bottomless pots may require less frequent watering compared to plants in traditional pots. This can save time and conserve water in the garden.
  • Flexibility in Planting: Bottomless pots offer flexibility in planting arrangements. They can be easily moved around the garden and positioned at different depths to accommodate the needs of various plants.

Please get in contact should you want more information on pricing and availability.

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