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Cleaning and caring for copper involves a few key practices to maintain its lustrous appearance. Regularly dust the surface to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can contribute to tarnishing. Use a mild, pH-balanced soap and warm water to clean copper items, avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the finish. For tarnished copper, a specialized copper cleaner or a homemade paste of vinegar and salt can be effective. To preserve the metal's sheen, apply a thin layer of protective wax or oil. Embrace the evolving patina as copper ages, adding character to the metal while maintaining its inherent beauty.

Available products:

If you wish to purchase an off the shelf product, the following are available from Amazon:

  • HG Copper Cleaner: "Removes dirt & deposit from copper pots, vases, pans or other objects without any difficulties. Gently prevents dulling & discolouration, leaving a lovely long-lasting shine."
  • HG Copper Polish Cloth: "A specialist polishing cloth for quick and regular cleaning of all red and yellow copper objects. Gives long-lasting shine and protection for ornaments, antiques and jewellery"
  • Quickshine Brass and Copper Bath: "Cleans and shines with no work. Tarnish. Takes just minutes"
  • Malco Twinkle Copper Cleaner: "Non-scratch formula. Quickly dissolves tarnish. Brass, copper & stainless steel shiny surfaces. Anti-tarnish ingredient."
  • Brasso - Metal Polish: "Maintain your metal with Brasso metal polish wadding. For use on brass, Copper, Stainless steel, and chrome. Longer lasting shine. Easy to use. Gives you excellent results that have stood the test of time"

 A wider array of products can be seen here.


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