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Copper and Green

Copper Plant Labels

Copper Plant Labels

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For the perfect blend of sustainably and style, our copper plant labels provide gardeners with not only a touch of elegance for your garden but also help to reduce waste by repurposing materials.

  • Our copper plant labels will last a lifetime, no more loosing plant labels to the wind or fading in the sunlight - in fact we’d say they get better with age.
  • Each label is handcrafted from reclaimed copper piping, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal that complements any garden aesthetic.
  • We personalise each label to your needs. Simply enter the text you desire on each label in the boxes above, marked "Enter Text Line 1 Here" and "Enter Text Line 2 Here".
  • Each label can have one or two lines of text, each with up to 16 characters
  • Once your order is received, we will get to work hand stamping your labels.
  • These labels are solid copper - 20 labels weighs approx. 1kg
  • Labels measure approx. 18cm long by 2.3cm wide


Delivery - Shipping costs £2.30 for up to 20 copper plant labels (20 labels weighs approx. 1kg). Copper pant labels are normally shipped within 4 working days.

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